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Novix, Mission, EDP & Predator Adjustment Knob

Novix, Mission, EDP & Predator Adjustment Knob


The Mission & EDP platform have the ability to be adjusted to level with a leaning tree. The exisiting screw can be a little difficult to turn in cold weather or with gloves on. Our solution is the adjustment knob that allows the hunter to easily use the leverage of a larger knob to easily turn the bolt. The nut recess is designed to be a press fit, there is no need for any kind of bond, glue or epoxy. Simply press the adjustment knob on, and enjoy the luxury of this item. Product pictured is green, the final product will be red.


    • Weight: 0.02 lbs.
    • Color: Red
    • Platform: Mission, EDP, Predator, Novix

    Quality & Customer Service our are #1 priority. If our quality so happens to fail, our customer service will certainly make your return pain and worry free. If a product does not meet your expecations in anyway, please get a hold of us within 30 days upon arrival of shipment. We will send you a prepaid return label for a worry free return, or will immediately refund your order if you wish to not proceed with a replacement.