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APH (Adjustable Pack Hanger)

APH (Adjustable Pack Hanger)



The Adjustable Pack Hanger or known as the APH is the answer to the aged old question "How do I hang my pack in the saddle?" The APH allows the hunter to hang their pack at any height they need to. Whether you like to hang your pack at your knees or up near your shoulders, this device has you covered. 


This ADH pairs very nicely with any of our Dewclaw Hanger Systems in our Dewclaw Collection. It can also be hung off of the TAU (Tether Adjustment Unit) directly off your tether or rappel rope. It features a 5' length of 7/64" Amsteel with a hook that is adjustable in height.


Check out our "Product Instructions" page under "Gear Management Collection" for a detailed overview of the product.


    • Weight: 0.08 lbs.
    • Color: Gray
    • 5' length
    • 7/64" Amsteel

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