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Prusik & Distel Silent Tend

Prusik & Distel Silent Tend


Are you looking for a cheap alternative to a ropeman, or even be able to control your linesman/tether single handed? Our Prusik & Distel Silent Tends were tested with 180 lbs. hanging from them to test for strength. While the tender will never see anywhere close to this load, we wanted to ensure these products would last and not fail mid climb!


ALSO, they feature a silencing grommet that the carbiner will feed through with a snug fit to ensure there is nothing making noise with your friction hitch setup!


This is NOT a human supporting, rappelling or safety device! This is just to loosen a friction hitch on a tether or linesman rope!


    • Weight: 0.05
    • Color: Gray
    • Friction Hitch: Prusik
    • Rope Diameter: 8mm-12mm

    Quality & Customer Service our are #1 priority. If our quality so happens to fail, our customer service will certainly make your return pain and worry free. If a product does not meet your expecations in anyway, please get a hold of us within 30 days upon arrival of shipment. We will send you a prepaid return label for a worry free return, or will immediately refund your order if you wish to not proceed with a replacement.